how to UV map a cylinder ?

i loaded a pic of 412 X 119 pixels for the UV image

then added a seems on one edge on the cylinder and did the Unwrap from view

but when i lok at the render for this it does not ahve the look at all of the image ?

so can someone help to do this UV mapping


I think that your picture and unwrap don’t work well together. If that image is only 119 pixels high and all your unwrapped faces are smooshed down to that little yellow line then it is likely that each face of your cylinder has only 1 pixel on them! Do an experiment and use some other image like a test pattern that is bigger and work on your unwrap until you see each face show up in the unwrapping, now apply the uvmap to the texture and I bet that things will look better.

I got some herringbone pattern on chair. Did quick rework and UVed it tiled it several times. Tube was straight when I made the UV. I bent it after image was applied.


ok i’ll get a better image but difficult to find good quality !

now is there a special way to unwrap a tube ?

i mean i tried with one seam in middle and UV unwrap

but there is a cylinder unwerap how does this one work?

also you saying it’s better with a straight section then bend the afterward!
i’ll test that

i’m trying to get a braided wire and very difficutl to find on the web good high res picture fro this! but i’ll look at some manufacturer data book and see if i can find one!


The straight tube unwraps nicely in rectangular form just using UV unwrap; just put the seam down the length. If the tube is bent all over the place, Blender is going to do some thing weird.

Once UV image is applied, that surface is where it is going to stay no matter what. You can move / deform the mesh all you want. Well, the image is going to deform with it. So don’t stretch it too much!

Braid is a repeating pattern anyway. All you need is good quality image section to tile.

Just about unwrapping bent tubes :