How to uv map this for game?

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I’ve been trying to find tutorials about UV mapping. All i have found is “how to UV map faces” “how to UV map cube” … etc… . either very organic UV mapping or very very simple… But how should i go with geometry like this. It has lots of boxes and holes and extensions (could have)… how do i go with UV mapping here? Does anyone know any tuts about how to mange UV mapping of this type of geometry? I mean the way i know UV mapping at this point it will be hugely cumbersome job to do.


You can use the smart projections in the UV menu or you can select the sharper edges and make them seams.

Try the smart projection in the UV menu, it should work as a simple auto unwrap for objects like that.

“TypeError: vector[begin:end] = []: size mismatch in slice assignment”

Is all i get from that… smart projection thingy… What does that mean?

You can try over at the python forums.
Subject = smart projection error
“TypeError: vector[begin:end] = []: size mismatch in slice assignment”

Or try

Uh. .i textured it manually… And as you can see the pics have updated.

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