how to view uv map while painting

I ve had it set up where I could paint in both the uv window and 3d view at the same time without too many problems however now it seems to crash all the time in 2.63. So I can compromise and paint only in the uv window I guess.
How can I have the 3d window in textured and still see the uv map in the uv window? I can see the Uv map if the 3d view is in edit mode but then I cant see how the painting looks on the model…
Why is this so hard?

did you click the texture paint button in the UV window?

im not sure. I clicked image painting under image but I wasnt aware of the texture painting option in the UV window. Im going to look for it right now

I couldn’t see any texture painting option in the UV window. I was in Texture Paint mode in the 3d view window if thats what you mean.
I turned of “project paint” andd that did the trick. Maybe theres some setting in there that need to be tweaked

i may have been thinking of an earlier version. anyway, glad you got it working.