How use Z Depth in Blender Composite?

Looking if there is a way to use the Z Depth pass within the Blender Composite?

Yes, its marked as “Depth”
and is on by default, I believe:

Thanks but there is a couple of problems I’ve encountered … I get hash lines unless I denoise it and if I use Normalize and Map Range it doesn’t seem to work.

Depth of Field is a range, like 2 planes that determines what going to be in focus. When you use Normalize or Map Range you converting lowest value to 0 and highest to 1. In other compositing software you may need to do that before a defocus operation, in Blender you just use DoP data direct into Defocus node. A normalized z-depth will work like a mist pass for masking, with but with bad edges. Now those hash lines may be a sampling issue IDK, send an image.