How well does BGE handle collada imported animations?

I’m sure this will be just a matter of experimentation like with most of this stuff but I wanted to ask what peoples experiences were with trying to import their own animations. How well does BGE do this? Will it be alright with me bringing in a simple walk/run cycle to the engine or will it flip out because it’s too much data from a different source.

So far I’ve used COLLADA or .dae files for importing into Blender and it’s been very straightforward I’m just worried about putting all that effort into making nice animations in Maya only to have everything bugger up on me. What I do is use Maya for all my modelling and animation and simply do only the positioning, scaling and texturing in Blender because I don’t like the interface and shortcuts of Blender for what I do.

The BGE does not use collada data.
The BGE uses Blender data as provided by the .blend.

I do not know if collada import produces corrupted data

I guess I’ll just have to mess around and see what happens :S what format would you recommend then for importing player models with a bound skeleton?

I really can’t tell, I create all my assets with Blender directly.

You might check the curves of the channels in the curve editor view.

Generally, the BGE handles the same stuff that rolls around in Blender, so if the animation imports fine and you can play it back fine in Blender, then it should (generally) work fine in the BGE.

Right, in that case I’ll just need to get a walk cycle done then and import it :smiley:

I’m going to have to do some research now you guys, I imported the COLLADA file and it actually didn’t turn out too badly, but the animation wasn’t there and the rig was in bits, the constraints I had put in were to the side of the model and the model was in it’s default position.

So it saved the model data fine, and all the seperate bits, but it couldn’t combine the rig I had set up well enough. I also tried exporting an FBX file but that was just a massive clusterf**k so I’ll be doing some research now into various file types and try to find out what works best and if there are any solutions to this, If you guys have any ideas about importing Maya animations let me know because once I get this cracked I’ll be able to do much more complicated animations and get a real game going.

I guess the simplest solution would be to just simply rig and animate everything in Blender but I am not a fan of the interface, I’ll have to see how things go.

Okay, just looked around and it turns out my problems might be happening because of the IK constraints that I’m using, will experiment and see what happens, it looks like game engines don’t seem to like anything more complicated than the standard IK joint systems, sorry if I seem a bit spammy guys, I’m working a lot today! :smiley:

EDIT: Just an FYI guys, I’ve decided that it will probably be much easier to simply rig and animate the character all in the blender engine, seems much simpler than trying to find a file type that works or mess with anything else. Since importing meshes works fine I’ll still be using Maya for that at least.