How will you retopologize this? (Between a circle and square) [Pic Attaced]

Is there a way to close the gap between a circle and a square with quads?

If not, how will you close the gap?

you can do it with quads (a bit tedious I guess), but do you have a good reason not to do it with ngons or tris? if it’s a flat surface you won’t see any artifacts in render…

an automatic way to do it is the Bridge tool (right click > LoopTools > Bridge)

This is the result of Bridge edge loop. But I guess there may be problem afterwards.

The reason why I want to bridge the loops with quads is because I am a quad believer. haha.

I am curious about how to do so. "How to expand a loop of 4 vertices to gradually 32 vertices? And there can only be quads. This will drastically help me in retopologizing. "

it really depends on what’s your final object, if it’s a completely flat surface, there won’t be any problem, as I said you can even use ngons. Also, if you use Subdivision Surface, you don’t need a 32 vertex circle, 8 vertices would be enough…

There are two easy methods:

  1. Start with square:
  2. Start with a circle:

    Oops - fixed first method kb shortcut

As moonboots said it is really unnecessary to make it all quads. If you’re making a hard surface model, tris and ngons are going to work if the surface is flat. If not, you should really consider lowering the amount of vertices on the circle as it’s going to make it easier to bridge with only quads. If you need to bridge two surfaces that have different amounts of verts with quads you can use these techniques, but you’ll probably still end up with a mesh that isn’t too clean.

Thank you for the answer. However, the 1st example’s square still has 32 vertices.

Maybe I am not making myself clear. What if I am trying to connect two parts like the following?

Is there a way to retain the “4 vertice essence” of the lower part and the “32 vertice essence” of the upper part and they are connected with quads?

I am interested in how the vertices can progress from larger numbers to lower numbers or another way around but the whole model is still made with quads.

Yes! I think that is something I have been looking for! Thank you!