How would i go about doing this?

I’m pretty new to Blender. I know the basics and have quickly learned a lot about the software.
Me and my brother want to work on an animation. It’s my job to model the characters and such, and i’ll probably be posting more questions as i go along.
My first question is, what can i do so that when character interact with eachother (like lean on eachother, or something that involves physical contact) the models don’t go through each other? and also, how would i make it so that they don’t go past the floor? is there a way to do it?
Also, if i were to have a charater lean on another, how can i make the body of the character being leaned on to react to the weight of the other one? for example, having a character lean on the other one’s stomach, and the other’s stomach sinking?

I guess that’s all for now. Any answer or advice would be greatly apreciated :yes:

Where to start…?? Basically, character animation is generally done using armatures to control the character… Think of it as controlling a marionette. Ideally, you have a few controls, as few as possible, that control the overall behavior of the character. From there on out, you control things from how you pose your character. Don’t want the feet to go thru the floor, then don’t position the feet below the floor surface. Want one character to react when another leans up against him, then you animate the character to react as he is leaned on.

If you really want to learn all the basics, I would suggest you take a look at this tutorial:
It’s my favorite tutorial… doing that will give you a character, and rig it, and a sampling of how animation in blender works. It’s a great starting point!


Agreed, that’s a great tutorial on rigging a character. I would add that it’s tempting to try physical simulation like you describe but it’s not a good way to start because 1) it’s really hard to do and 2) it’s even harder to make it look convincing in animation. If you don’t want your film to look like a bad video game, learn the basics of animation like arcs, weight, recoil, overlapping action etc. Try to read animation references like Halas and Whitaker , Eric Goldberg, even Preston Blair. Practice a lot with the tutorial rig, the other rigs available for Blender, and even rig the default cube.

Thanks guys! I will definitely take a look at the tutorial :smiley: