How would I line up the camera for Interior Rendering?

I want my scene to be as realistic to the picture I’m copying as Blenderly possible… I’m not sure how to line it up exactly or how much the focal length for the camera should be… Could somebody please give me some direction?

Can’t know the correct focal length from the pic since it’s derived work (in photoshop) and no original exif data in there. If you don’t know it, try what works. I’m guessing that there’s some way to calculate the focal length to get at least an estimation, I just don’t know how.

What can be seen from the pics is that your vertical lines aren’t straight. In camera options, there are shift values for x and y, adjust the y and reposition the camera until the vertical lines are straight. It doesn’t have to be exact, although they do look like bang on in the first image.

BLAM, Blender Camera Alignment Tool.