How would I make Origami in Blender?

I used to be an Origamist, someone who folds paper, and i would like to know how to model origami models in blender. I would like to model something like a crane or a waterbomb (

Ok, hold on while I record you a video tutorial, it will include step by step explanations on how to model…NOT!

Allright, sorry for the sarcasm. :slight_smile: but hopefully this message finds you receptive, and that bit jarred you awake.

There is no “way” to model anything, if there was we could just let the computer do it and go home. Just as there is no “way” to draw something with a pencil, modeling is an art form. Well I was going to say more but I just got called away. Study the shape, take some modeling tutorials, see how other artists deal with similar problems. Good Luck.

Do you want to animate the folding, or just model the finished thing?

For animation, the initial modelling is trivial: just a plane subdivided wherever there will be a fold. But the rigging is a nightmare; I’ve made three separate attempts at a crane over the last year or so, and given up in frustration each time.

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Here’s a couple bits for inspiration:

Hi I am kind of looking for techniques for making realistic Origami patterns myself. I’m trying to fold a plane without stretching the edges. I’m wondering if there is a way to lock edges or at least make them locked so they will stretch, but then snap back to their original length when released while attempting a fold. I think this is a feature that would make such an idea as this easier.

look in Addon forum there is an addon for Paper modelling
could help

happy bl

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