How would someone model real true to life 3d portrait without a 3d scan or using photography?

I am try to model my daughter in 3d what is the best method. Step by step. Specifically modeling/ sculpting the face. How do I use a refrence image the right to get the right proportions.

Well, you’d begin as any sculptor would – by carefully noting the proportions of the head and the placement of features. I had a sculptor friend who routinely used a board with a graph-paper grid on it, and a “selfie-stick like” camera mount opposite. He would place this around a person’s or a figure’s head (or, whatever he was sculpting) and take reference photographs – at a glance he could now see, say, “the nose is 3.75 inches below the top of the head and extends out 1.1 inches.” And, so on. He placed the same grid-frame beside the sculpture as he worked on it. Did very nice work.

In Blender you can of course put a photograph as a “backdrop” behind the modeling screen to use as a reference, but if so you need to take some care that the proportions correspond correctly.

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first you need to get use to blender tools

getting photorealist 3D model is very difficult and must be almost an advance user - so need a lot of practice

and Head are so hard to get right in 3D too!

but wish you good lock

happy bl