How would you create letters falling to the ground in a pile?

SUCESS! thanks everyone set up your scene in the game engine and use place holders for the physics and then parent them to more complex objects.

I could animate them individually - but I would like them to fall using the soft bodies gravity- But have them not fall flat - right now they hit the ground like a flat balloon- I can upload a small video in a few minutes.

Q1. Can I get IPO curves from a softbodies collision and use them on another object?

Q2. How would I parent a heavy geometry object to a cube that is slightly larger and have the cubes soft bodies characteristics affect the child object?

Q3. My high polygon letters fall normally - but on collision they explode to larger than you can view in the view port- would lower polygon version work better?

I tried converting blender text to mesh and it looks ok until it hits the ground where the letter it self falls apart see video here - How to keep the letter together?

instead of using soft bodies, try baking the game physics to ipo. a good way to do this, is to make low poly mesh duplicates of your letters ( which i assume are in the form of text or curves ) , assign physics to them, bake the simulation, then parent the letters to the low poly stand ins, and move the stand-ins to another layer.

How would I parent the letters to simple cubes that frame each letter- soft bodies works fine on a normal cube and I don’t need tolerance that tight. Collisions can be approximat

I figured out the game engine in like 15 minutes - How would I bake the IPO curves so that they can be used to move other meshes?

Game engine is tricky I get a lot of gray screens if something is not perfect. I have FireGL5200 x2 so should not be graphics issue.


Good luck, Record Game to IPO has been broken for a couple of versions. No one seems to care.

It might work on simple letters that do not touch each other, however.

Maybe contact the person who made this video?

I didn’t know that record ipo was broken, that sucks. That’s why I never delete previous versions. anyway, a simple cube isn’t what i meant, i meant make letters that are basically the same shape as the ones you are using, just keep the polys down. I guess you could use soft bodies, but rigid ones seem like the thing for the job. I vaguely recall something about rigid bodies in either this last set of release notes, or the ones before. I’ll check on it when i have a moment.

Atom, do you mean the “Record Game Physics to Ipo” voice menu under the Game menu? it works fine here…

I found that 3d artist here and sent them a PM hopefully that will help…

see you tube vid in first post to see progress so far, no input from Edge yet.

The proof is in the puddin.

I downloaded this BLEND file from the 2.48 test suite.

Open the file and press the P-Key in the 3D window. Everything looks fine.

Now turn on Record Game to IPO feature in the menu. Press the P-Key again, wait a couple of seconds then press ESC.

Press ALT-A and observe the mess. Objects are rotated the wrong way. The feature is indeed broken.

Sure it works with a simple cube, but I have tried it with more complicated objects and it fails. this broken feature is actually holding up the completion of scene for a project I am working on. And it is not just because constraints are used. My scene in question does not even use constraints, all 100% mesh objects without IPOs.

I choose this file as a demonstration simply because it is in the official “test” suite. So obviously it was not tested or it should not have been released. whats the point of a regression suite if no one actually tests it?

I also posted the “offcial” bug in the bug tracker and no one has even commented on it.


softbody_constraints.blend (456 KB)

For the letters (the rest I don’t kn00b about): I’d type them in Illustrator (maybe Inkscape, too), convert to outlines (shift-O) - in Photoshop you’d convert them via layer-menu - and export single characters to SVG uncompressed. Then you just extrude them in Blender and have a perfectly clean mesh so they can jiggle :slight_smile:

Move Letters with IPO

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Atom, you’re right, I’ve got the same rotation problem with that file.
Anyway, trying with a new file and using other meshes it seems to work. But I’ve not tried out a complex scene yet.

skateboardkid, I’m not sure to understand what you need, is something like this?

As Atom said, there’s a bug with the record to ipo function, but it works with simple meshes.
By the way, I’ve not got the point about the Cube parenting…

Well I can export the IPO files right out of the game engine no problem here here is the results - thanks you for the handy tip - do use the latest Graphicall SVn builds and the IPO record seemed to work flawlessly - My ATI FireGL5200 only shows a grey screen and I have to use my render nodes built in GPu to see how it looks - argghh

Here is what i came up with