How would you go about modeling this - curves?$RoomCCM_412x288$

Okay, I have attached the URL of the picture. I have the legs and wheels, etc. - however, how can I model the seat/back rest? I have tried curves, 3d Bezier, and converted it to a mesh and it turned out so ugly, just as I had expected. I want those holes in the mesh, and I want the smooth curves around the body of it. How am I to do this?
Thank you guys

I would use poly with subdiv modifier. The key would be to go as low pol as possible to get smooth curves without going all crinkly… for the sharp edges (the edges of the holes etc have three edgeloops very close together.

One option is to start from a grid mesh.

  1. Shape the mesh close to the final shape
  2. Create the holes by retopoing circle mesh objects to the correct position and then delete/create faces.
  3. Use the mesh solidifier script to give the piece thickness.
  4. Add edge loops to the holes to sharpen them
  5. Add a smooth modifier and subsurf to finish up.

Here’s a quick test of this process. Hope it helps.


chair_test.blend (288 KB)

Thank you guys. Very helful, I’ll post my update when I get it done.