How would you join these two meshes?

I may retopo the whole thing, which would result in clean ‘filling’, I guess, it would be way too much additional work.

I F-joined the vertices manually, the result was not so clean, though.

I am just wondering if you guys have any ideas or fancy approaches, so it forms a nice flawless mesh?


jointwomeshes.blend (531 KB)

I think you’ll need to have an equal number of verts on both edges before you can make them join cleanly.

As Anthony mentions, if the number of verts in both loops are equal, you’ll get a nice result by using a ‘bridge edge loops’ operation.

You can find it in the specials menu (edit mode > W > E) or searching with the spacebar.

It’s unfortunate that you did all that nice work modelling your object… Perhaps i can play around with it a little to see if I can help you.

I’ll post my results in a bit.

try to either increase number of vertical loops or reduce on the other side!

then it should give a clean joint and could simply merge

happy cl

Take a look at this. I added some extra loop cuts to give both ends the same number of verts, and then bridged the gap.

You shouldn’t need to use level 4 subsurfs. Try sticking to level 2.

WAIT! I missed a few verts!


Here you go. I had to change your mesh slightly but the number of added verts is minimal.

EDIT: I also added a mirror modifier and forgot to apply it, so you need to do that.

For what it’s worth, in the future, the bridge function in Loop Tools merges them just fine, even with an uneven amount of verts. It just creates fanning connections. It’s not clean by any means, but it’s doable as a temporary solution to give a better visual as you clean the mesh.

That’s good to know. I didn’t even think to try. The mesh looks at least as good as what I came up with.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for taking the time to look at this.

Tony: yeah, the mirror thing, I’m kind of wary using it, as it, at times, leaves double verts (on the cut/axis edge) for me… even with clipping, will need to practice/check into that…

Thanks for the checking the file, lookin good.

Oh, but you should start using the mirror modifier, chewbacca! It will cut your work in half! You can fix those doubles with W > Remove Doubles.

Big fan of the mirror mod, its almost useless for doing symmetrical (re)topo though… always get these creases, looks really bad, hard to make it look ceaseless…