How would you make the mouth here?

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m modeling a creatures head and the mouth is really getting me. This is what I’ve got thus far:

It’s not terrible but it’s difficult to manipulate and shape. Here’s a screenshot of my geometry (I’ll include the .blend if you’d like to inspect further)

What I did was select the faces where I wanted the mouth to be - used the inset tool and then extruded the faces inside of the inset, sizing it down inward (does that make sense?). What would you do differently?

Dragon2.blend (557 KB)

Thanks for any advice you can give :slight_smile:

i usually copy the outer edge of the mouth and then seperate it as an object, and move it to another layer for the interior modelling, so i can see what i am doing. i then move it back to it’s original layer and rejoin the meshes, and remove doubles. there is also vertex hiding.

That’s a great idea… so would you start by insetting the faces where you want them mouth, then copy that face loop to another layer?

you need to have a face there to use the inset tool, so you could do that if you filled the hole with an n-gon first. otherwise, just copy the last edge loop.

When you say the “outer edge” of the mouth - do you mean the face look around the mouth after insetting faces, or the edges around the faces without insetting?

if you intend to keep your current mouth, just seperate it all. if you are building a new one, just select the lip area and duplicate/seperate that.

If you want to keep on modeling in perspective viewmode, it would be better to change the viewport camera lens angle from the default 35mm to a much higher number. That way you don’t get so massive foreshortening while working close to the model.

You can access mouth insides by making a continuous selection outside the mouth, select menu -> select loop inner region. That selects everything inside the mouth and you could then shift+H to hide everything else.

Thank you for the camera lens angle tip JA12! That alone is extremely helpful haha

I’ve successfully isolated the mouth by hiding everything else, now I’ll have to experiment to see if I’m better off editing it with everything else hidden, or as a separate object on a separate layer as Modron suggested

Thank you both :slight_smile: