How would you make this Conic Helix


I call it a Conic Helix, but I dunno if it really has a name, this is my companies logo, I’d like to revamp the logo and make it a little less 1983.

Actually this would be a good tutorial, I need it to screw around the z axis but also either shrink on the x and y axis proportionally…


screw around the z axis following 2 mirrored cone meshes giving some sort of guide to their final outcome…I dunno if this is even possible.

see pic this is done with screw tool

nabove this you can add a curve modifier to bend the sahp[e as you wish
or you could applly the bend modifier

Hope it helps

just make the swirl then use a lattice to make it taper


I found a script that creates similar spirals by Alejandro Omar Chocano Vasquez.
It had some non ASCII characters in it which stopped it from running.
I have attached a .blend with the edited script and a quick spherical spiral curve.
Stretched out and then setting extrude to 0.15. ALT+C to convert to mesh and then
set smooth.

Hope this helps?

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Spiral 001.blend (789 KB)

Bah! you beat me to it, Pixeltwist! Heh, I found the same script :slight_smile: .
I went one step further though and made the logo and changed the color a bit from the original.
Here’s the .blend
I also put it through the compositor so you can change the color of the logo and the text separately. You might also want to add a glow to it (or not)
k, hope that helps



Wow, whered you find a script like that?

Yes very helpful, I just spent the last 30-40 minutes trying to manually make a bezier curve wrapped around a standard cone. 1 square across 2 squares up… was a nightmare to do manually.

I was avoiding having to get calculus formulas out.

Very handy indeed!

Thats some fairly hefty scripting for something I would have thought to be simply defined.

Right Goina go make a coffee and see if I cant have a hack at 21centuriing it

Hehe I’m just mucking around with it here, and yes that is the terminator font.

You can do the same thing (and more) using the built-in screw tool and proportional editing.

nice exercise!

here’s an alternative using array modifier

add a plane - add a array modifier linked to a rotated empty and with constant z offset
that way you can play around with different rotations of the empty and different z offsets without applying the modifier.

you can also apply a taper modifier and a mirror modifier to same plane, but the solution is a bit linear (no pic)

i tried using a lattice to get the taper less linear, but not a good solution yet (2nd pic)

just some ideas :slight_smile:


Scripts are really unnecessary for this task.

Simply create a straight spiral with the screw tool, then deform the mesh with a lattice set to linear interpolation. I’ve included an example blend file.


cone_spiral.blend (152 KB)


interesting way of doing it but
not following at all

what are the lines all around teh Helix is this part of the array ?

can you explain some more and may be add a sample file


l.o.r junkie, the problem with using the lattice is…first pic

@ricky. blend file attached start at layer 1

method is improved by using a line and not a plane as the starting object.

first array mod creates half the helix
then simple deform - taper mod (pic 4)
another array linked to another empty which is rotated to form the other half (not a mirror!)
then apply all mods and extrude along z (pic 3).
some tweaking of verts required along the way

would like to be able to do it all without applying the mods…then all variables can be tweaked at any time


helix.blend (904 KB)

wow, good posts on this thread :slight_smile:

This one really stands out. However, I don’t think the company’s name should be overshadowed by the logo. Make the name at least equal in size with the logo.

there are more than one way to generate this type of helix

it would be nice if someone would write up a new tut for the wiki pages

showing the different ways of doing this type of shapes

happy blendering

Its been a valuable learning experience with basic animation,

looking good!