How would you model this CHEF HAT ?

softbodies ? or waht do you think is the best technic ?

Are you trying for a photo real render or a more cartoon type thing? Is it going to be animated?

like a for a game.

If you are using it in a game, I would create a low poly mesh in the overall shape of the hat and then Sculpt I high-poly version with all the wrinkles and use it to Bake a normal map for the low-poly. This would likely take less time than trying to figure out the settings for a cloth sim that would keep the hat stiff enough to get the right effect.

Thanx AND WHAT ABOUT THIS ? I JUST CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO MODEL IT , sorry for the caps , im in a rush ;D

the thing they have in the neck.

how close is the camera (can it not just be 3 wedges with a mapped texture on the folds)

Something lo-poly like ths but textured with a nekachief material with creases etc

cool ! where is the blend file ?:eyebrowlift:

please could you post it ?

heres the model - Ive kept it as 3 seperate meshes, the neck bit, the knot and the hangy-down bit. it should be easier to uv map like this then just join together when finished…
blend file here…;topic=20.0;attach=14

thank you so much man ! i o you one :rolleyes:

ur welcome…
need any help with the hat?