How would you model this ?

Greetings everyone,

My first message here, as a noob of Blender (it’s been couple of hours really). I am trying to model a train for a video game, the shape is usual, nothing serious about it. However, I’d like your opinions about two things, how would you model the nose and that “thing” right under it ?

This is the train:

This is what I’ve done so far:

As I said, Blender is the first 3D program I “really” want to learn so, I do not have that “conceptual thinking” yet, in order to figure out how to proceed later on.

I appreciate and feedback or opinions, have a nice day and my kind regards,

I’d keep going with what you have, and extrude the edges back to form the basic shell of the train. From there you can add loop cuts to break up the mesh where you need to add details.

Might seem complicated and what not but i’d use Booleans. Sure, there is some cleanup work to do after bool but anyways…
Cube initially, Ctrl-B bevel four edges along and then cut off the extra using traced from image planes and cube.

I think that with mechanical objects it is important to think about how is the item constructed in real life.

For example you can see the body is not one single piece but it is many pieces and you can see the seams. Often it is useful sooner or later if the model has seams just like the original. This way it can also be many pieces and not a single huge mesh that is full of edge loops going all around the mesh, because you can hide seams in the seams. :slight_smile:

To expand on what Tmammela said, you might be able to skip out on using uv maps for this and just assign each island its own material. I’m not making any promises that that will be a good idea footprint wise, but it is something you might want to consider.


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I will certainly check boolean method, seems it’s giving more “natural look” (probably in other project). I remodeled the entire thing and so far it looks like this:

Basically: Extrude - Extrude - Knife the front face then play with it.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Are those simply planes or transformed from cubes ? Because when I try this method, vertices and edges dont match up like yours. I’m wondering if “this” is the clean up work that you mentioned

Yes. this is the result of the ‘clean up’ done which includes merging, adding loops or knife cuts.
On a positive note - you have a real shape after the booleans you can look at and figure which elements are needed and what’s missing. If you move helpers on a different layer and allow display of all wireframe for the main object you can adjust helpers positions or shape in a non destructive way until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

PS I wonder if this was a new Gotthard tunnel’s transport?

What is the best way to add loops so that topology stays consistent?

“topology stays consistent” - i feel i have language deficiency here (not a native, apologies). Could you enlarge please on what exactly was this about?

Me too :o

Could you enlarge please on what exactly was this about?

I’m building a head.

In the place where there are eyes i would like to make a curved loop but you see it needs to be on front and side.
Also, I don’t know how to make small gaps between parts of the head.
head.blend (462 KB)
I tried to separate them but there is weird shading afterwards.

@ soul It’s better to start your own thread for this.
I’d say - start from a Cube ;).

R3V0 - That’s looking very good. The mesh is very clean. You’ve done a lot of work on it since your last post.