How would you recreate this peeled paper cut out effect?

A client has asked if i have an idea of how best to create this paper peeled effect (link below)

My idea would be to create a flat plane and boolean cut out the shapes I need. I would then need to fix the topology of the plane where I made the cuts so I can then peel out the shapes without causing artifacts.

My issue here is that there is such a complex flow of the cut outs that doing my method might take a very long time as the topology would start to get very complex.

Is there a better method?

Could use overlapping geometry. Such geometry would normally make artifacts, but projecting the UV’s and using the same material, there are no artifacts. Whichever surface gets shown, it will be correct since both are the same.

Another problem is the distribution of the objects/meshes.

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Thanks for the response, this is exactly how I did it. Using overlapping geometry and then using the project UVs to they all align and creates a seamless effect suitable for the render :smiley:

Hi here an other approach, with curves and array, you can apply the modifiers and after fill the space between the patch with β€œBridge edge loop” command under shortcuts β€œCRTL+E”, Now I don’t remember how to scale along the curve, but I think that is possible. below the file of my try.

with double array modifier

paper peeled effect.blend (129.5 KB)