How would you texture road bigger than just a lane?

Something like the green highlightes part. I mean, there aren’t textures for any of those, would you follow a procedural method? If so, how? Would you use geometry with vertex color, or what else?

I would also like to move this to a game engine, so anything that can be exported like vertex groups and hopefully be used inside a shader.

I would probably just paint some masks in gimp to change the surface colour to white/yellow or whatever.

I would use the “intersect knife” tool to carve the shape of the lines in the ground. This will create messy topology, but it shouldn’t be a problem on a flat, non-subdivided model.

Then, I would use either a second material or vertex colors to mark those newly created polygons.

Alternatively, if the game engine has a decal system, you could use that instead.

Thanks, I feel like modeling the shapes and using quite a decent shader was the way to go, unity’s shadergraph was easy to translate, not 1:1, I prefer the edges in blender but did what felt good, the transition with a small inset to have a transition on the painting made it better. This is more predictable but might not have as much flexibility as decals, but is easier to set up, if I did decals it would make me go crazy with so many shapes and bitmaps…

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