How Would You Use Such An UV Image Map?...

How Would You Use Such An UV Image Map?..

Greetings, August 23rd, 2014

Briefly, I downloaded a “UV image map” that retains many items from google which I wish to use with my model that is presently mesh only! However, the downloaded uv map retains a lot of items and I am curious if anyone could provide links to tutorials or even provide instruction for the correct timely utilization of the downloaded uv map for use with my model? How would a reference to an individual item within the uv map be acquired while referencing a selection on my model?..Any assistance would be greatly appreciated while all I have been able to locate are tutorials for projection uv mapping and texture mapping?


If you download an image from the internet that is specifically painted for an object with a specific UV unwrap, you aren’t going to easily plug this image into a texture channel for a new object and render with it. You will need to unwrap your new object to try to make use of the existing image mapping, and this can be very difficult. You might have to make a copy to repaint onto once you finish unwrapping and mapping to the image.

if you are trying to select certain parts of your texture map. You can use the “G” for grab with the pointer in your UV editor window.
When in your UV ED you will see an outline of the face you want to texture. “S” for scale and the other shortcuts for modeling are used to slide your map around to taste.

Essentially, what I did at the recommend of a friend was as they allowed “Go up to, select images and search UV Maps People and then download an apply to your model” The UV map has over a dozen items on it such as clothes, items and the skin, head an hair! Just curious as to how I would get those items onto my model?

Probably the map is made for a common model that everyone is using. Poser comes immediately to mind, but Makehuman maps are available too, and who knows what standard meshes are available for other Daz productions and Softcore self amusement apps… If the map doesn’t say what program it’s for it’s fairly useless. You could still clone from it and paint a texture on in Blender though.