Hi, i’ve just signed up on the forum great site. I only discovered Blender a couple of days ago and have been trying to work it out, its the first 3D program i’ve ever used. How long have all you guys been working with 3D programs to get as good as you are?? are and one more question when i launch Blender it comes up with command prompt and says something about no site directory, i don’t think this is ment to happen, any one know whats wrong??

Blender was also my first 3d rendering program I started when lets see umm check the date I joined here. I have only really used it for 4 months. Im not very good but I know how to do many things. From day 1 till now I have learned a LOT :o . My best friend was the chat here.

I used to use Maya mainly and I’ve tried all manner of 3d apps but I’ve found satisfaction with Blender.

I too find that the best help tool is this forum. I usually don’t even have to wait a whole hour before I get my questions answered. At most a day. This is definitely one of the best places to start out in 3D and Blender is one of the best apps to learn on.

Also, if you don’t already have it, I would recommend getting the documentation from as it’s full of great tutorials (nearly 700 pages worth) and you can build your first animation in about 1/2 an hour.

As for your problem with the directory, you might need to set a path somewhere in the user preferences. I don’t know what OS you have but I’ll assume you have Blender 2.33a. Go to the bottom panel and click the leftmost listbox (I think it’s at the buttons panel by default). Go to user prefs and click on file paths. You may need to set up a temp directory or something, I’m not sure. If so, this directory can be anywhere, it just does autosaves of you Blender scenes as backups.

That might not be the problem but if you say your OS and Blender version, I’m sure someone can figure it out. Anyway, welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your time here.

I started with Blender, and I’ll die with Blender. Probably with my keyboard clutched tightly. Can’t remember when I started, I think I’ve been using Blender for a year and a half to two years.

The site directory thing shows up if you don’t have python installed, or have your pythonpath set. It’s nothing critical, you just won’t be able to use many scripts. (I think, I could be wrong. Don’t quote me on it.)

cheers, i think osxrules is right about the tmp folder it makes sense i’ll test it later im on my mac atm. and also this community is great you dont get tits who reply saying ure noob, its all i get on forums these days :x

Howdy! I hope you have fun with blender (i know you will :slight_smile: )
Do you already know the manual? It is a major help for begginers: