Hi, I just got registered here to be with people who use and love blender just like I do, for about 3 months now i’ve been using blender and already rendered over 20 images that i’ll be more than happy to show to you people here after I register for an album at the mudpuddle gallery since I don’t have webspace. Rendering scenes isn’t the only thing i’m planning to do with blender, i’m also planning on getting the torque game engine and use the blender exporter to use blender as a model maker for the engine. So hello, and I hope i’ll remain here for some time to come.

Whoopy, got an account with mudpuddle, it appears they don’t get you an album automatically so i’ll use the public gallery for now, sadly I can’t upload my very first image because of something that screwed with it or something. I’m already starting to put up images so go ahead and see them.

Hey and welcome to elysiun. Just noticed that you happen to in witchita, which is only 2 hours from where I live. It’s great to see some more Kansan’s here :smiley:

What town do you live in?
And you mispelled Wichita

Yea I noticed that right aftet I posted, but didn’t feel like fixing it. I’m north west of Hutchinson about 30 minutes.

Hmm… is that in canada ?

No, Kansas.

Howd you get 70 posts in 1 day?!?!?!?!!?

Uh, hung around and gave feedback to people’s artwork. And of course chatted alot with R2blend :wink:

EDIT: what a stupid typo, it should’ve been course :wink:

Kansas, Canada… ROFL


Uh, hung around and gave feedback to people’s artwork. And of chose chatted alot with R2blend

Well then you learned the art of spamming from the master!.. haha no hard feelings R2… I don’t give a crap about post counts, baboon-hood or anything else related to that…