Howler Digital Painter

Howler 9.5 Digital Painter is now available for half off this Black Friday through Cyber Monday,, and see for full information on the latest developments.

Latest features:
3D landscapes with erosion/sediment/snow/cloud systems/obj export
improved onion skin
improved foliage painting

no linux version :slight_smile:

no OSX version?

Howler 9.6 released.

Version 9.6 of the natural media paint and animation program designed for visual effects work is now available. The new version is focused on improving the user experience on different kinds of hardware ranging from tablets to workstations, and adding new tools that are critical to visual effects.

See the new Demo Real:

Great new feature! The duplicate frame repair toolkit:

The new duplicate frame tool lets you manage video that has been damaged due to dropped frames or improper transcoding.

The tool helps you to find dropped or duplicate frames, then lets you manage them, either by deleting them, or extrapolating new in-between frames via motion prediction technology.

Other new features:

Revamped greenscreen compositing tool with color matrix adjustments.

Revamped camera stabilization/tracking and camera motion removal/restoration tool.

Revamped navigation. Zoom from pointer instead of center. Optional scrollbars for when the CTRL-Shift navigation isn’t possible, such as on tablets.

New Vector Blur filter.

New easy garbage masking for video using alt and rectangle/ellipse tools.

New benchmarking tool, the Dogmark. Use Howler to test the speed of different processors using academic image processing functions.

Tools for single point matchmoving.
Matchmoving a shot in under 3 minutes…

Support for higher resolution monitors. Fewer stacked panels at the top of the screen when a 1080p or higher monitor is available.

Revamped and animatable rubber sheet tool. (4 corner perspective warp)

Load directly to a stored image from the Browser.

GUI tweaks. Menu links to free transform tools for image and alpha.

Color replacer had an issue when animating h/s/v changes.

Added CPU fallback for foliage ambient occlusion that was only available on GPU previously.

Fixed a stability bug in the brush keyframer motion tracker and added features to support match move compositing.

Howler 9.6 is a pay update to those using versions 9.2 and below. However, a special discount price is available. Those who previously upgraded to version 9.5 will receive 9.6 for free. The upgrade discount is available to users of all versions, excluding free versions. The full version is also currently on sale for $65, USD - $35 off the full price, so it’s a great time to get on board.

For those who upgraded to version 9.5 via Daniel Ritchie and, you should be contacted shortly with your upgrade information. Those who ordered through Phillip Staiger and, Daz, Digibuy, or others, your upgrade process is still in the works. Thank you for your patience.

PD Howler is the top tier version of Project Dogwaffle, a comprehensive paint, animation, and visual effects workhorse software for Windows

Hower as an animation tool

PD Artist 9.6 (Howler minus the animation tools) also available now for $20. It can be found here:

Starting now through Cyber monday, get Howler 10, the VFX friendly paint and animation program, for the price of an upgrade.

New block interpolation

New features

New particles

Hi everyone. This year, we are focusing on improving painting media in Howler.

Howler 2020 overhauled brushes and media in the natural media paint system. Build 44 continues the trend, adding a media history to keep track of the latest selected media, and the undo browser now shows each undo as you mouse over them.

Hower 2020 is currently 70% off, for Windows

Howler 2021.2 is out

Howler 2021.2 is out now. If you are a user of 2021, then it is a free update.
We are today also launching Black Friday prices. Get a full version of Howler for the price of an upgrade.

New in this version

  • Attach one or more sounds to any specific frame of animation.
  • Reworked animation control panel
  • Invert r,g,b channels independently
  • New filter for rendering particle spark like effects
  • New non-overlapping box fitting filter
  • New lorenz attractor filter
  • Optimized post fx to speed up painting on larger images
  • Create a new layer from stored images
  • Multiple selection in the file dialog
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Hi all. My paint and animation program Howler 2020 is a free download today.

Howler is a commercial program, and there are newer versions still for sale, but Corona has just killed it, along with free programs like Krita. Some folks my laugh at me, but I’m just trying to get a new laptop so I can continue to work in art.


We are releasing build 47 of Howler 2022 paint and animation software. See below for details of what’s new.
If you are a current 2022 user, email me. ([email protected])
Otherwise, upgrades are available.

What’s new.

  • Completely rewritten warp mesh filter
  • New halo-free tone mapping tool
  • New paper layers
  • New centripetal and chordal parameters for curve tool to remove kinks at control points
  • New tone mapping parameter for the light diffusion filter helps keep the add combine mode from clipping


Hi all. Howler 2023 is getting an early release in beta form.

New in 2023
Cloud filter lets you render skys with volume clouds on the GPU
1 to 3 point perspective tool
New noise tools for creating noise textures on the GPU
New Julia set explorer and animator, and new options for mandelbrots

See it


Digital painting and animation software Howler 2023 was released today. New features include a new volume rendering sky system, 1 to 3-point perspective guides, new noise tools, new GUI components, the option to select a preferred GPU, and so on.


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Digital painter Howler 2023.4 released with realistic new impasto brushes.

Howler 2023 is on sale at $22.99 down from $59.99

Demonstration of new brushes


My students LOVE this app.
Glad to see you getting the word out in other locales.

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Digital paint and animation software with new realistic impasto brushes is only $17.99 today.

Get not only natural media painting tools but also an animation timeline, onion skin, exposure sheet, real-time keyframeable filters, landscape rendering, volumetric skies, full multithreading and GPU support, and a lot more as part of the package.

Howler 2023.5 is now available.

The update to the natural media painter adds the ability to render 3D geometry to a custom brush. Also added are new brush parameters and a color temperature filter.

Howler 2024 is available for order now.

What’s new:

3x Performance improvements in our 3D geometry renderer

Default materials are now used if no .mtl files exists

new options to load centered or placed on ground

Dithering for the gradient tool

Updated vector line tool with improved begin and end cap behaviors

New color reticles for color pickers that did not yet have them

Updated Artist Color Picker with locks for color harmonies and segment size parameter

New brush rotation parameter directly on the context bar

Rewritten color sampling tool with arbitrary sample size and shift-click to sample multiple colors. The list can be used as a new color picker or copied to the clipboard as web colors or big/little endian colors

Faster GUI via optimized screen refresh. Faster startup and shutdown

Updated Canvas Size panel prioritizes more common resolutions to the top

Updated GUI:

Dropdowns for picking gradients now shows the current gradient and there is a new button to reverse the gradients directly on the context bar

New fill settings panel with emphasis on just what you need and improved antialiasing in the preview

New Listbox, Rotation, and Icon controls

Updated button, checkbox, raidio, scrollbar, slider, minislider, dropslider, and combobox controls

Buttons now support selected state icons, display horizontal gradients

Minisliders now support icons

Hi all. Howler 2022 paint and animation software is now available for free in its full version. We are offering this in hopes that you will like what you see and upgrade to the latest 2024 build or support us on Patrion. Either way, it cost nothing to jump on board the most powerful paint and animation software going.

To download Howler 2022, follow the link to the download page.

To see what’s new, visit


Digital art and animation creation software Howler 2022 is a free download at www.

The program features realistic art brushes, animation timeline and onion skin, and animatable filters. This version is free for any type of use. Donations are welcome to keep versions like this coming.

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Digital paint and animation software Howler 2024 is now on Black Friday sale for only $14.99.