Howto asign two colors to a face (front and back)?

Hallo elYsiun,

I am playing with blender for some time now but still doing noob stuff, like forget to make a second side to some bands wich should be red and white on the back :-?

It is a real complicated form (deco bands) with 1018 faces (low poly modeled, needs subsurf 2 for looking good).

Befor I copy it and past it together manualy (is there a script for making a second side?) I would like to hear if there is a trick for asigning the backside of a face a other color then the front?

Thanks, Dominik

well, if you mean exactly the same face, then I’d say it isn’t possible

however, if you do a shift+d, or extrude [edit mode], followed by an alt+s
[scale along normals] then assign a new material to those faces, you ought to be able to get the effect you want, but you’d add a little thickness to your object

I’m somewhat confused about what you want tho

he wants one side black, and one side white.

i think.

in that case, extrude it, outward just a tad, then assign the new material to it.

It’s not possible to assign 2 sides different materials but it would be handy if you could. I could see a lot of uses for it. Then again, I doubt it would offer much advantage over a solid object with a very small thickness.

I don’t know if it would render ok but you could just try duplicating the model. Then turn off double-sides and make the normals of the 2 models point in opposite directions.

I mean 1018 faces one side red the other white and yes I know it isn’t possible but maybe someone knows a hack to get around this limitation?

No go with extrude or scale, it is a way to complicated form


[scale along normals]
if i get it right this would actualy work, thanks a lot (if you ever visit Basel/Swiss I will spend you a drink) :smiley:

Thanks, Dominik

well, all i can think of is to assign a new material within the object

i just make the object and then sperate what i want to be another color but i wanna see if blender will allow us to select a face then we can have another object and color that or texture it how we want it…

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