HRG Vintage Car


Suggestions to improve?

very cool i really like the tyres

Maybe a textured floor or grass

Wipers? Running Boards? What you’ve got now is quite nice. Grill is mesh or texture with transparency?

Thank you :grinning:

is this a real model or made up ?

looking nice in any case

happy cl

this is a real model.

Anyway Thank you :slight_smile:

nice modelling! let’s see how do you manage into texture everything. :wink:

ha ha will try to manage :slight_smile:

That model is really crisp. Waiting to see final composition. So what’s your plan on materials? you going for brand new car or wanna make some old rusty scene?
Keep it up Anna…

i dont have any ideas about the final render,since modeling is going on, i have to plan the scene setup after the entire modeling is finished :slight_smile: