HTML5 , WebGL , Java3d

Hi All,

I’m day 1 new here. I’m a modeller with some Unity experience.

I want to put my blender assets in an interactive 3D format into a website. At first I thought I’d go for the easiest way and tried both Unity and UE4. Both failed. Blend4web worked for the simple 3D object embed.

So I thought it was time to consult the wider Blender community to find the blender way to create 3D interactive content.

So can you guys please tell me the how to go about this in the best possible way. I know it’s going to get complex, but hit me with it anyway.


For online contemd, a dedicated web-based engine is far far superior in terms of filesize and performance. I’ve used Playcanvas, and could suggest it, but blend4web looks pretty good as well (though I haven’t used it much). Blend4web is pretty pricy if you need the SDK if I recall correctly.

It depends, what you mean by interactive content. The easiest way to add interactive 3D content to a site is Sketcfab.

Good point haidme. To be specific in my case, to embed a navigable structure in a web site and have a first person controller explore it.

But for the benefit of others that may want to embed their content, please do expound on other scenarios.