now updated !!!

(Al_Capone) #1

Updates includes scripts, links and content

(dmoc) #2

Looking good! One thing, the “Main” link opens another window.

(basse) #3

simple but works.
only thing I would suggest, is that you should perhaps loose the borders from the pictures… (border=0)

or if you want to keep them, try atleast border=1 … they look kind of
buffy now… and the color is really striking :wink:


(Jolly Gnome) #4

Otherwise nise, but the “links” in the main window should really be links :wink:
(blue underlined tex…)

(Al_Capone) #5

Suggestions noted, Yes I’m having trouble Main link, any suggestions for the codes ?

The logo will be improve on and I see what I can do with the boarders as well.