New to Blender, learning Cycles.
Here’s my first render, in Blender. A lightsaber.
Multiple discussion threads posed that the only way to make a Lightsaber look good in Cycles, is with a ton of post processing. I disagree. I only used 2 emission nodes for this.


This render looks great. However, I would just like to point out that lightsabers typically have a curved shape at the end, whereas your lightsaber is pointed.

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Lucasfilm rendered them both ways. A matter of personal preference at this point. That said, I do think that the rounded end looks better. Beautiful work on the part of the OP!

That’s interesting. I just saw a few Star Wars scenes and noticed that the original trilogy films typically have the curved shape, while the prequels have pointed ones. My bad.


Meh, cranial flatulence happens to all of us, LOL! I recently got schooled by my spouse on something from Babylon 5 (my all-time favorite fandom) which I was remembering wrongly. Em-bar-ass-ing…

@ Jake: Awesome render, Welcome to Blender, and keep up the good work!

Yeah go back and look, bud. Pointed and rounded. Depends on the emitter

It was in the Legends books series that describes the way emitters and crystals can change the way the blade appears. Like Kylo having poored all his hate in to his crystal, making it impure and unstable. Just for one cinematic example.