I’ve been into Blender for approximately 5 years now. My graphic’s design teacher wanted to help me find something artistic that might speak to me - and he had a hunch that Blender would be my sort of thing. Well, he was right! After giving presentations and making some silly little animations for my College (I somehow managed to convince my video production teacher to let me animate instead of film), I decided to make a fully fledged animation series. This was four years ago - and after many periods of passionate work and passionate procrastination - my project is complete.

I know it’s goofy and cartoony, and absolutely breaks so many fundamentals, but this was started over four years ago - and my philosophy is that it’s better to have fun than to stress and just not get anything completed. This isn’t objectively ideal of course, but for myself as an artist - this works best. Nearing the end of production, I realized that I became a LOT more efficient and skilled at my practice (to the point where it may be obvious which scenes were animated towards the beginning vs towards the end of production).
I am excited to have feedback for all this work as well as begin new projects with all of the skills and knowledge I have picked up since.

Thank you for reading, please enjoy my project. And if you’re an aspiring animator - then my one piece of advice for you is simple - just START!