$: Hub For Advanced Blender Rigged Models 2/9/2021 Crazy summer offers!$5 all my products

ATTENTION!! go to the last comment for the Supreme summer offer!!! dont miss the opportunity!!

So I will continue to update this thread with future rigs
The next one will be a lion Rig!
Always advanced and complex
you can support me from blendermarket:

Ombrela girl :

umbrella Rigged:

Advanced tiger rigged:

advanced Car rigged

download link:


Dark Worrior Rigged in blender

crash Bandicoot rigged:


this is my old rigged female

this topic will be my hub for rigged characters
so stay tuned
more coming very soon

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you can aslo tell me what you guys want to rig

ok a new update

Iink from blendermarket

Ok I will make a offer if anyone intrested !
All of the rigged models you see in this thread I can give you all of them for only 0.0010000btc
If you interested send me in this address : 1GkH25BzDCP8sGhJRE9er66yCCVjKYwSow

Or xrp ripples 10 xrps which is a little bit cheaper
Address: rnMCfd99pwRE8u4LxE43Z1pDzock2kXbLQ
Destination tag: 399236169
So stay tuned iam prepare a super horse rigged model it’s far superior than anything else I have ever done :grinning:

you can download :slight_smile:

ok its up now!!!

Special summer offer only at $20

ok this is the final update only at $5
i just want to see how much intrest is in the blender rigging community and how much they will spend in such a comlex rigs

this is the summer offer for the entire august

the grazy zummer offers continue
my female worrior at $5 only

you can get ellie now from turbosquid!!!
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this is my best complete package ever !!!

you can buy only for $7!!!


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Ok all of my products in turbosquid it’s 30% discount so make it fast !
2 days left before the discount

Ok the new advanced horse+female warrior rigged complete package has arrived in blender market !!!

This is really low price for what you get ,in a grazy summer offer
Only for the entire August!

Guys quickly only one week remains before the summer offer ends ,all of my rigging characters at very affordable price on blender market

Update : the price offers continue also in September each of my product only at $10
This will be the last month of offers
Winter will be cold :grinning:

Ok guys this is the final update offer of my products the horse rigged the female rigged and the complete package of horse and female warrior they will cost at the unbelievable low price of $5
Please support me and let’s make it the most successful rigged models in blender market😀
It’s everything you need to start animation for quadruple and humans animation for beginners and advanced animators :grinning:

Ok listen guys ,blender market no longer shows the sales of a product it’s only depend on the ratings/likes of products so anyone please rate my product it will help me a lot and others to see if the product it’s good in the particular price😉

And finally you should thinking why I havent uploaded any new product right? Well my computer gpu especially is in the service so it will take some time before get it back so be patient :disappointed:

Ok final update two days before the end of September
All of my product only $1 each
Hurry up 2 days left