hud camera limits isse

:confused: hi all,
i start this thread a little confused coz since i know the limits of the camera in the hud scene should be the same as the actual scene but somehow that doesnt happen after i created a new fresh file,when i press P to play in the hud scene the objects look perfectly aligned to the limits but when i play in the main scene the hud overlay seems out of place…dunno how to solve that,can anyone help me again (i always need help did u guys ever notice? lol )
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BTW the video is here so u guys can visualize whats happenning
video :

yea it’s because you need to put your hud inside the limits of the camera um
Press 0 on your hud scene then put everything that you have there inside the first line(border) of the camera

we have 2lines,the inside line and the outter line which is the last one,which one u mean? coz if u meant the border one which is the outter one,it is already inside it however if u meant in the inside line(smaller) then i have to change it…
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Oh i see what’s happening, your first camera is not matching the resolution with the other camera
try changing the resolution on the camera tab

yup i think so but i think the res are the same,im going to check it then ill let u know
thanks so far!

nops,unfortunatly its not the resolution but what i noticed is that the camera in the main scene looks a bit wider and less height than the hud one which looks more like a square while the main scene camera looks a bit of a retangle…what da heck is wrong with that?

yea that’s what was happening when i tried to figure out um i tried again but didn’t happen, i’ll try to make it happen again lol

ok i think i found out, make sure that the scene is in blender render and then change the resolution and then you can switch back to blender game :slight_smile: if that doesn’t work, change it to blender game and change the resolution

BullsEye yay it worked!!! thanx a lot bro i really appreciate for ur time!
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