HUGE FREE motion capture library


I just ran into this site:

It’s Carnegie Mellon University’s motion capture database, over 1,800 captured human activities. I don’t recognize any of the file formats, but I’m hoping somebody here will tell us how to convert them to BVH for importing into Blender.

If you learn how to do it, please post it here!

Paul has some tools to convert c3d to ascii data, though I don’t know if Blender can use this format.

For information about the theory and structure of the two files:

For an importer/Converter:

To use the data at Carnegie Mellon get the ASF file as well as the AMC file.
(ASF is at the top of each section. It contains the subject of the motion which is the amc file.)

MotView can load the asf and amc data then save to bvh. I have no idea how good the quality will be, but the conversion works in that the bvh file can be viewed and it is similar to the source action as viewed from the mpg file at Carnegie Mellon.


Fantastic Mike! I had almost given up finding a translator… Thanks alot!


A blender c3d importer is being developped …

you can find it here

So far it is just a c3d parser … :frowning:

working on armature creation …


Hi, if ur having problems, try this thread.


Hi - I have some C3d data which imports fine. How can I now assign this to a skeleton. Do I need to convert the data to BVH and if so how ?

Thanks bigkahuna
Thaks for Link
Do you know any Animal Motion Database Free ?
Great Site.

Is it possible to apply these motions on an alredy existing rigg ? I want to use on Mancandy figure. has the carnegie melon motions converted to bvh for a number of formats.


yeah there are a number of ways that you can apply them to your rig. You can set up constraints to copy rotations, you can rename bones in your rig (or the imported bvh rig) to match. You can also use foot or hand loc rots to position IK targets of your rig…

. I had hell’s own trouble trying to do the former with the ludwig rig so perhaps possibly the easiest is to is have a different rig for mocap. Import the bvh file. Carefully resize the bvhrig to match your character in edit mode. . Now to use any of the mocaps you only need to import the bvh, delete the bvhrig and asscociate the new action to your rig. You can use parts of the mancandy rig here by parenting a head armature to the head bone or hands to the hand bone etc.

There is a fantastic tool bvhacker … found at this allows you to check out the mocap before you import into blender and also do some tweaking… there was a bit of a discussion about it here Bvhacker lets you insert a T-pose ( i can’t remember what the rest pose of mancandy is) … I wrote a quick and doity script to change rest pose in bvh files here .

PS. wow just noticed this thread is over 6yrs old…

O.S.U offers some free mocap file here:

Yes six years old :slight_smile: I just ran into these bhv-files and thought it would be fantastic is one could apply them easily on the caracter one have, right now Im trying to figure out if it is worth the work. On Blenders wiki: i get the impression it is hour and ours of work to match the imported empies to each bone, uuhhff…

I think I do some more research in forums and figure out if there is some kind of working workflow, if else I i dont want to put hellowa effort in it

Thanks batFINGER for your fast reply ! I will now investigate your two threads and see more deep into this stuff :slight_smile:

And thanks to you Atom for your link, Ill dive into it and look around and try some home.

@ Gubben-

Have you checked out Its an online collection of hundreds of customizable animations. You can retarget to any character automatically for FREE, and all the animations are fully compatible with Blender. www.mixamo.vom

i actually got this to work with Natural motion:Endorphin, and an armature rig from fallout 3, the movement isnt 100% perfect but its better than my keyframed animation, anyway heres roughly how i did it…

1: I made a use-able rigged human from the fallout 3 armature, By use-able I mean roughly the right size and shape with twist joints on the forearms.
2: I created an action with Endorphin, From other BVH files and physics data (active-ragdoll) these were blended in endorphin, to have my character do “crazy stunts” stuff that would be impossible with motion capture.
3: I export all the action as a BVH file, Remembering to set Z to UP (endorphin isnt aligned with blender Y is Up)
4: I import the BVH file into blender, And align my premade “fallout rig” character over it, (i usually append groups from one file to another)
5: I set the root bone (pelvis) on the fallout rig with a “child of” constraint to the BVH armatures root bone…
6: All the other bones “fallout rig” then have a “copy rotation” copying from the BVH armatures counterpart joints. (setting an offset is also an option it can help with tweaking the animation)
7: Make sure to deactivate any IK on the “fallout rig”
8: press alt + A :smiley:

it works for me… i’ll upload a blend file at some point, but the blend files do tend to bloat up a bit as BVH files have a lot of keyframes.

Once you have all the constraints ni place you can group everything, save the file, and use “append” to import your moving character to your scene, you could even rename it to use a different BVH file, (faster pipeline) =D