Huge guns automated

So hear i get bored today so i create something like this they are following cube and they are fireing to it! :stuck_out_tongue: I want to use them later in one movie with my old ship. In battle :smiley:

and a close up:

What to do:

  • scales of the ammunition. (animation)
  • ligtening when fires… you now…
  • more details some cool design.
  • A clip fire. So like 500 bullets 1-2 secounds pause and go…
  • maybe play with paint+demolition modifiter… (latter)

ha ha

You should add sound too.

some new elements :smiley:

Some quick videos

Render + 5 frame skip so that’s why lag… i have very old PC :[ so i have to short up a time render.

Open GL + vier frame

I think the guns should rotate as they appear to be gatlings. Also, the empty shells are ejected from the back all at the same angle, even when the gun rotates, when in real life they would bounce around in all directions.

That’s true thank you so much for comment. I’m working about rotation+when they are fireing.
Empty shells i forgot to applay rotation dynamics. and some Random speed/angle. And i think i have to re model the empty shells emitter

Some corection with empty shells emitter.

But there is a problem with rotate! and it is really big problem because i will have to maybe in next weapon work with that. there is a problem with connecting and X,Y angles naaah… strange. So what i have done i applay some limits so if the Aim will be to low the canon will be not folowing etc…

so hear it is quick video: slow motion 1/3 speed.

In next update there will be a fight scene between 2 planes :smiley: so keep watching :smiley: