Huge Performance hit in Workbench and EEVEE

Workbench and EEVEE now has a very low FPS when the october build used to run real-time smooth on my machine, now both engines run less than 10 fps…and eevee dispaly this tinted green or something? all this using default scene and demo( tree creature) nothing modified…has anyone noticed this yet?.

and here is the october build, 24 fps .

Most likely due to some under the hood updates that need to be optimized again, wait till Beta comes out should see a improvement then perhaps and performance scaling shouldn’t be measured until it’s fully released.

A while back I got a weird blue tint from a background shader which was connected to a texture. Struggled for hours until I disconnected the texture and saw the blue color which shouldn’t have been used for anything.

the beta is maybe this week, seeing this hit is a bit concerning from user point of view but maybe you are right, it’s normal in developers land.

One week ago, clément gave a boost to sun lamp energy to match cycles and did several improvements to lights.

The file is outdated. Its lamps are too strong, not optimized.
The sun lamp used to simulate ground reflection is responsible of the green tint.

sorry, you might be right about the light(green tint) but what about the workbench engine?because i appended only the geo/rig and still low in both…i think it 's the armature and proxy system.

Yes. Viewport seems to have bad performance for animation.

all this performance issues will be fixed after the beta release