Huh..? Yafray Tutorial..

I saw this tutorial on the blender site:
I tried to model the room with the glass ball thing, but it is very cloudy and it doesn’t look like the picture… do you guys(or woman ^^) know where I can find the .blend file…?
Or can someone explane how the licht emitting plane works…? because it looks nice is u are rendering a room…
Greets, Nick

Yafray examples compilation:


its very weird… in the corneel tutorial the plane doesn’t even have Emit standing on 1
Does anyone have TUTORIALS voor this…?
Greetz, Nick

I’m sorry but what else do you want? You’ve got the Cornell box file, a tutorial (although outdated, it should work) with a very similar setup…why not experiment a little for yourself. Or be more specific about your problems so that we can give you even further help.

Do I need a light emitting plane if I want to maken caustics…? because I got the .blend file of the cornell box of the tutorial but it doesn’t emit light…

light emitting plane if I want to maken caustics…?

Not that I know of, you need a Photon Lamp.


I know, But there are alternative ways too…