Human construction WIP

Please point out any issues you have with my topology, the edge loops any suggestions could help. Quads avoiding triangles as much as I can. I have moved away from the head and want to focus on the arms from the shoulder to the wrist of the hand.

I’m just drawing a couple of pictures to grasp an idea i had about the characters style and outfit.

At the moment I’m looking in the mirror at my own arms and finding where I can recreate the poly-flow for the arms to prepare for sculpting basic muscle definition.

Joins, bends, would love more tips and tricks on this?

Update coming soon on the arms: I will do variations and you can all pick one : )

The first time I opened blender was version 2.31 …
I don’t know which beta was realised back then but
that’s all I had on my 2 gig pc, 500 ram windows 98
& here I am…finally modelling something I could only
imagine…of doing.

{Remodelling of the arms is in progress}
Please please advice me and guide me to
help me make some corrections :slight_smile:

{Screenshot in perspective view …as I spend
a lot of time in Orthographical}

Also if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

{Playing with the shadow & light in GLSL - textural mode}

I’m testing eyes, hair, lashes, in separate blend.files … . … I’m yet to use render cycles -_-