Human Face: Which mesh to use?

Right now I’m fiddling with one of my face meshes, trying to get it too look more realistic and all, and I’d like your advice on the changes I made.

On the left is the original mesh, on the right is the mesh with the altered edge loop.


Oh for crying out loud, this isn’t rocket science people.

I’d say the first one, but it doesn’t matter, really. It’s mainly a matter of preference.

O for jumpin up and down, it’s just a matter of preference. :yes: :wink:

The one on the left. From this angle only, it appeaes to have less poles whereas the right one is mainly different because you’ve pinched in a 5-pole near the cheeks.
Even so, I would try to lessen the number of edgeloops on the left version… perhaps working on and off in Subdiv modifier could help you sculpt in the ideal shape with the least number of verts?

Interesting. I expected the rightmost one to be chosen, as the changes I had made to the original mesh (on the left) were based off the latest MakeHuman mesh.