human face

This is my first attempt at modeling a face other than box modeling. I tried to follow a tutorial although it did lack some things. It did not explain how to finish off the nose or the mouth. So far this is what i have please crit. There is a place under the eye i am having problems with so if someone could look at that, it would be great. Now that i am looking at it a second time, it looks as if the forehead is to big.


spartanattemptface.blend (146 KB)

I finished up the head although i still can not fix the nose. If anyone has any idea on how i can fix the nose please let me know. This is my first ear i have ever attempted so it might not be very good.


humanface.blend (154 KB)

I got it fixed
-removed dome faces and made new ones
then lol i figured a new trick, at least its for me. I used sculpt smooth
to smooth out the problem area. I have no place to post the blend file

have fun blending


humanface.blend (157 KB)

nice flow there

Alright, thanks guys. I will try fixing it tomarrow.

Okay so i am looking at your blend file and i have noticed that the verticies are totally different. Did you use with my blend file to create that or is that one of your human faces?

Also, do you mind if i use it?

Its all yours dont mind at all. one advice thos try blender wiki

Alright thanks man, but i am not sure what you mean when you said, “one advice thos try blender wiki”.

I would also like to get a nice skin texture. Does anyone recommend a good tutorial that will allow me to get a nice skin texture?

amazing textures.