Human head modeling

Hi all!

This is my first post here allthought I had read many of yours and tried those many tutorials which links you guys have written.

Well, my question is: Is it easier/better to model human head with NURBS-, bezier-curves or mesh(with subsurfing)?

With curves, it’s easier to control and change head’s expressions. Of course this could done with mesh also, but one should make head with minimium of faces in the beginning. And one should use extrude to make nose, eyes, lips, eye-browns and ears? That because if one doesn’t use extrude, but edgelooping, then there will be too much controlpoints and it would be extreme difficult to change head’s expressions… Am I right?

Here’s picture showing what I mean:

So, what you guys think?


Here’s one picture of human head model that I am working on. It’s using that technique that I showed in earlier pics.

But is it as good as technique as one in this tutorial(?):

What are advantances and disadvantances of both’s?

I have found some advantances in TorQ’s technique:

It’s makes easier to change character’s expressions, because of roundlike lines surrounding the mouth. Here’s picture that shows it:

In box modeling, you have to add more edges with “edge loop subdivide”(CTRL+RKEY). It’s better to do it vertex by vertex because then there will be no one extra and unhandy vertex.:smiley:

Here’s anyway what I got with box modeling: