Human Head - More updates! (26-10-04)

Hey all. Its been a while since I did anything with blender. But recently I’ve been working on this head, trying to get a feel for edgeloops and develop my techniques. After a lot of playing around, I think I got a pretty good result:

Image removed. Updates below

Ii’d really appreciate any C&C. I’m aiming for a somewhat stylish realism.


Looks nice. I like the jaw line. I won’t be giving any crits, because you know already what those are.

Coming along well. I’d say make the forehead less prominent and move the fold in the skin between the nose and mouth. Currently it is too far out, it should go from just behind the nostril to a little off the corner of the mouth. May also want to make the chin slightly larger.

Id like to see this with the head joined together. Then the profile would be more accurate.

Looks good so far, try making the cheekbones stand out more, and bring in the forehead.


thanks for the comments! i tried to fix all the things you guys mentioned. next step is the ears. you can see them evolving already. 8)

Image removed. Update below


finished the ears!

lemme know what you think!

Another update. Did a lot of work on the eyes, added a little mesh detail and worked on their overall shape and position. Also, I adjusted quite a few of the facial proportions (although very slightly). I find it amazing how much difference a small adjustment can make.

On my to do list:
-more mesh detail around the eyes (lids)
-hair (?)
-texturing (eek)

Please give crits! I havn’t got any about the ears yet. Let me know what you think of the eyes.


Still no crits hey? should i take that as a GOOD sign? 8) I’d like some feed-back though!

Anyway, here’s another update. many many tweaks. A lot of adjusting in the mesh topology, which allowed me to give a quite a bit more shape to the face. Still working on they eyes… never thought they’d be so hard!

I’d appreciate some C&C :wink:

How do you avoid the seam? I often suffer it in my models.

remove doubles

yes, i didnt join the two halves in the last render. hence, the seam. any thoughts about the actual model though?


Nice improvements :slight_smile: What you might want to try is narrowing the forhead a little (ie. in front view make it narrower) as the back of your head is a little wider than the front (about narrowest at the temples). As you can see in the perspective shot the forehead still looks quite large, even though from the profile it looks ok. Keep it up.

Looks good, could do with a bit more detail around the eyes though.

Also, the bit under the nose (between your nostrils), looks a bit low. Maybe try bringing it up a little bit.


New update, more tweaks. I think I am nearing completion on the modelling phase. Please let me know what you think!


Definite improvement. I think though that the creases from the corner of the nose to the mouth should come down a bit lower though, to about the same level as the mouth, and maybe pulled in a tad closer to the center of the face. But just a few tweaks here and there and it should be finished :slight_smile:

Very, very well done NateTG.

You have the base mesh down now. You should look at modelling in some wrinkles in the forehead, for the larger ones and around the cheek/mouthe area. Will make it look a lot better. The smaller wrinkles can definitely be added in the textures.


What you might want to do is uv map it (see Greybeard’s LCSM uvmapping vid if you haven’t already), then subdivide it and try out the sculptmesh script.

Nice head, but it looks too symmetrical. Can you show us the wire?
I’ve been reading the forums on Spiraloid all day yesterday. You should folow the threads with Bay Raiit or where it says “head modelling”, topology or so. There is so much information that my head hurts.

The bottom lip is too flat and broad. It almost looks like he has some sort of prosthesis implanted in it. I also think that some of the angles in his skin are too sharp and synthetic looking. Overall this is very good and I think that with good texturing the modeling “mistakes” so to speak would be almost transparent and unnoticable. But don’t beat yourself up over perfection and criticism because the human face is traditionally one of the hardest things in art to fake. We’re hard-wired to analyze faces and heads of humans so its very easy to spot problems, unlike, say, a model of a three-toed sloth, which might look perfect on the first shot. Good luck with the texturing!

Thanks for the comments guys! I’m heading off to uni now, but I’ll try and make some of those changes after class. My goal here is to make a fairly low poly base mesh that I can make several different heads from, so I don’t want to add too much specific detail at this point.

=KH=Lupus, could you give me a link for Greybeard’s LCSM vid?

I’ll post a wire when I get home.