Human Head...sorta

This is a very rough draft of a character for an animation I’m doing. He doesn’t really look human quite yet and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. :slight_smile:


See Mr. Bomb’s site for a free somewhat-bad-quality-but-free video tutorial on human head modelling. Use background reference pictures. If you like the vid, consider buying his full video tutorial CD.

do you have a link?

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thanks a lot. that looks very helpful.

WAAH! The movie doesn’t work. It says I have incorrect codec. tear . Does anyone else have any tips on better face modeling

Here is a classic Blender face tutorial originally by Torq, now preserved by vitaliy. There is a long thread about it here at Blendernation; search “torq better face tutorial.”

To view almost any video, google and download the (free) VLC player.