Human Head

(Natron) #1

Here is a model I’ve worked on for the past 5 hours.
I’m fairly happy with the results considering it’s my first try at modeling a human head and texturing.
Lots of things remain, such as texturing his eye balls, minor modeling and texture tweaking etc…

Comments and critiques are welcome.


(Ecks) #2

and you said you were not good :o

This is really great!! I like it alot! Keep up the good work Natron! :Z

(Vigilante) #3

Everything looks cool, except the eyes

(LohnS) #4

great work dude =D

(Gr8RedShark) #5

That looks great man! :smiley: only thing I can think of is that the lips are too birght red, like there’s lipstick or something. like the eyebrows, are they a texture or particles?
just curious, what technique did you use to model the head? I’ve come across a few tut’ls on the web, with very distinct approaches to give very similar end results.

(Natron) #6

Textures are still work in progress, I will work on the lips, thanks. :slight_smile:
The eyebrows are part of the texture map.
My modeling technique: vertex by vertex. :slight_smile:


(kaktuswasse) #7

great work there! Yay, vertex by vertex ruls. I love your work, especially the watto :o

cya henrik

(Detritus) #8

WOW! Really realistic! Only thing bad is the eyes, shich seem flat and painted. Maybe try the Pixar Eyes-tutorial at the Character Animation-site?

(Natron) #9

Yeah, the eyes are still being tweaked on. I actually did use the pixar eye method. I’ll just play around with it and release some more updates soon for ya’ll to check out. :slight_smile: