Human high poly model required urgently


I want someone’s help for creating high poly human model urgently. The human model should have whole body, rigged completely including face, and dressed with an executive (suit dress). I’ll add lipsync animation by myself later using this model, so i want this human model to be rigged all the necessary places. I need it very urgently. Could someone please tell me, how much time this to do and payment?

Need your response urgently please.

-Prabakar Martin.

I could have it done for by Friday, with a price of around $125 for the models; but would it have to fully textured as well? As that could raise the price, depending on what level of realism your looking for. My portfolio is below, and I can show more examples of my work if needed. Good day.
Ethan J. Biller

Is your animation for game?
If so we can do this project.You can see our cases of models first.