Human joints

I’m sure every person who has made (or has attemted to make) a human has come across this sort of problem… what is the absolute best way to do joints? Very few tuts go into detail about this and it doesn’t always work that well. So here are some things that you would want in the “perfect” joint.

  1. Keeping it low poly.
  2. No clipping.
  3. Good deformation so no enormous polys forming.
  4. Last but not least, this is one I’ve been confused about. Almost all joints I’ve seen involve tris. Weren’t tris supposed to be evil? How should I place them? Should I even use them?

If someone could help, that’d be great! It would probably help a lot of other people too.

I too am having problems with this. The hip-joints are horrible! XD Perhaps you just have to train a lot?

I’d say you’d best ask this question in another forum, specifically the animation forum. Those guys will have a better idea of how to answer your question.