Human Male Face sculpt (lookin for crits)

Every 6 months i pick up blender again and have a shot at making something, so it is that time of year again.
This is my first serious attempt at sculpting a human face, to be honest i was really happy with how it turned out but I’m looking for some advice on how to improve.
Just let myself go crazy with the poly’s (500k or something ridiculous) and could probably be more detailed for the amount.
Didn’t really use a reference so advice on the structure of the face would be appreciated.

(just a screen cap because i am just that bad at mats/textures/lighting etc)

Nice sculpting! :slight_smile:

Here’s few points that hits my eye on structure:

  1. Eyes seem to be bit too high. (they should be middle of the head)
  2. Ears seem to be inside the skull, maybe pull them out a bit?
  3. Neck requires bit more attention. Can’t give much of an advice on that except anatomy book studies etc.

Maybe someone with bit more understanding to human anatomy can point out something else. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!

my advise is… use references.
you can’t really get it right if you haven’t at least practiced a ton of times WITH references.
you should only really attempt to do it without them to see how much you have already learned about the general anatomical structures.
right now you have something that sort of resembles a human beeing… and not a bad result for someone who is doing just a bit every now and then.
but still there is just so much wrong with it that it would take forever to point out all the little things that are off.
so i’ll just quickly address a few things that stick out the most.

  1. you oughta do the eyelids… right now you have these spheres sticking out of the skull and that doesn’t really help the model
  2. the chin should be dragged back a bit
  3. the nose is too long and the eyes are a bit too high… both things could be fixed rather quickly with a bit of grab tool.
  4. go back 2-3 subdivisions to fix the overall shapes and get rid of the overall lumpyness of the model.
    sometimes it can be helpful to work in higher subdivisions and use very rough/hard brushes to get the general shape and then smooth things out, but generally you shouldn’t go too high too soon and focus more on the bigger shapes and overall proportions and only proceed to detailing once you have nailed them.

good luck, your sculpting shows potential and i hope you’re gonna improve on it.

I have a few tips, I suppose.

Use references if you’re not sure about anatomy.

If you rename your brushes to 1-9 you can switch through them with the top row of number keys on the fly. I find this is very important when you’re sculpting, a lot of times you’ll add one stroke and immediately have to switch to another.

Use the clay brush instead of just the draw brush. In my experience, the draw brush leads to really lumpy models.

I dont know if you’re using a tablet but if you’re not, definitely think about getting one. Even a tiny, cheap 5"x4" tablet, pressure sensitive of course, is a hundred times better than a mouse.

Hope this helps

To me, this is just a masterpiece. You seem to be a brilliant artist.