human modal

same modal i have been working on for ages, modaling is now about finished:). the materials need allot of work tho.

what’s the best way to make nail materials?

c+c appreciated

sorry about the error message, uploder was hacked, cannot remove link to image

If the nails aren’t painted, they are basically skin color with different hardness and specularity. If you are going for close-up realism, a color band adjusted to give the slight variation near the cuticle and the white-ish color of the nail not touching skin would help. If the nails are painted, it’s just paint color, usually very shiny.

rigging arms


The proportions look a bit of, but this could just be a matter of perspective. What about Front and Side Views

the proportions shouldent be to bad, the whole modal lines up perfectly with the refarance image

sholder anamation test