Human Model

I’d like advices, tips, do the proportions are good?
Last updated was 4 months ago, I just did quick 3D stuff (Waving flag, etc) and I’d like to imrpove my human.


His arms look messed up…his legs too…IDK…problem with critique on something like this is that I can critique it on how far removed it looks from a normal human being, but then, a normal human being can come along and look precisely like this.

I can say you should work on your material and facial modeling. Based on reality, his chest and socks appear to be made of plastic.

And google a tutorial about modeling his face. There are core contours to doing that and I think that’s my issue with it…

For modeling/sculpting id recomend using reference photos and background images for better propotions. You’ll be surprised how twisted and not straight human body can be, i know i wasXD. Dont ask me bout materials coz im bad w them but u may try adding subsurface scatering and normal maps. good luck!:wink:

I’ll ask a few questions instead of offering criticism. Just to get you thinking about it. Then you could go from there. :slight_smile:

When you look at the model is there anything about it that makes you think, “that’s not quite right”? Are there any areas you think look strange? Or disproportionate. Even taking into consideration the variations in human form. It’s more important that you see issues, than it is simply to fix what others tell you to. There’s nothing wrong in that of course. But if you can’t at least see problems you’re always going to be relying on others to point them out for you.

Did you use reference? Did you do any study of human anatomy?

Thanks for the answers!

I used this as a reference :

There’s also a Normal Map (as a Specular Map), though it’s certainly not noticeable because it’s a render without environment.
IMO trunk and tighs are too tall. (?)
Though it depends of the angle of the camera, sometimes I’m like “it’s ok”, sometimes I feel something is odd…

I did also other renders like this

You realy used that image as your references?? Do you notice any diferences with your model?

Humans come in many shapes and sizes. Legs, body, head, and posture are all good. Arms are wrong. The chest muscles should connect to the bottom of the deltoids. The problem is that you reference photo has his arms down. You need another reference photo with arms straight out. Maybe make the feet a bit bigger, but “shapes and sizes”.

Well, but that difference, (in posing) should not cause, that the upper breast part seems like “turned-around” for 180 degree.
Sorry in all characters (there are 2 in this thread) it’s the same issue. The shoulder part and upper breast (till nippels) seems to be the upper back.

Here is an real-life reference example of a boxer with similar proportions, that are used in the characters here…

Do You notice the crucial differences? If not… well… I think nobody in here could really help.