Human modeling tutorial?

Hi ive had blender for awhile now and have modeled alot of guns and small objects for games and such. Now i want to move up a level, so i was wondering if any one knows any good full body human tutorials.I looked and couldnt find any and im not very good at finding tutorials, so if any one could post some links for one that would be nice oh and if theres one that shows you the basics of modeling clothes for a human that would be great to.

Here’s a thread you may find useful:

hey thats great for hair,clothes, and rigging but i still need a tut for Modeling a human.

It’s mentioned in Duoas’ reply.
Here’s a direct link.

It’s not Blender specific, but it translates well.

oh sorry didn’t see that one and thanks this is all a big help.

No prob.

There used to be a great Blender tutorial by kos for a high detail male figure. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available any more.

Anyway, here’s another really good tute for a female figure.

Does any one know of some new Human tutorials specifically for Blender?

here is a video one, it has a whole bunch of things and it turns out quite nice :slight_smile:

those are all great modeling tuts for girls but if any one knows any male tuts that would be great! :smiley: