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Hi Chris, I didn’t know you, you really are a master! your attention to detail (and patience) makes you stand above the rest, you dissect your subject like a true Renaissance artist, I have less patience :sweat_smile:
Could you give more insight to the proccess of the lids bulge caused by the eyeball? I get it in general but still lack some details

Thanks @AlanIhsan & @onnevan. :blush:

For the eyelid bulge I applied a Warp modifier to the mesh being deformed (not the eyeball as I mistakenly said earlier), and set the “From” object to be an empty inside the pupil, and the “To” object to be an empty in the cornea. The second empty is parented to the first, and the first is parented to the eyeball. Then it’s just a matter of tweaking the radius and curve settings to get the deformation to fit the curvature of the cornea.

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Thank you Chris, now it’s clear. I thought the first bone would be parented to a bone inside the eyeball (to wich the eyeball would be also parented to)

You could do that, it should work the same just as long as the warp modifier is on the eyelid mesh and the warping empties (or bones) are assigned in its properties.

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I always have the same question when doing the eyelids, do I model them closed, half closed or opened, because they have to cover the eye and look nice and not stretch the UV, but then folding them its a bit of a problem, and then if I model them opened, I can’t stretch them enough to cover the eyes and look correct. How do you aproach it?

I modelled mine in a neutral open pose to make it easier to see if it looks right while sculpting/modelling. There’s enough geometry scrunched up to be able to bring the lids down to closed position, and the UVs are edited so that the lids are closed. I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about it - no doubt it will come back to bite me at some point in the future (so far so good though…!).


Thank you! I just asumed I was doing it wrong, but it seems like I’m not, or at least I’m not the only one XD

Made a quick test with your method and it works great! thank you again (it’s just an aproximation of an eye, just for testing)


I made a couple of new renders for a header for my newly established Twitter page.

I don’t know what this means for my WIP here (or my website blog (or my YouTube channel for that matter)), since duplicating the information seems like a waste of the internet. I guess we’ll see how it pans out.

@onnevan Nice!


Multiple sources of the same information is a good thing. It reaches more people. Your work on this project is nuts!

Hello mate, amazing work so Far, got a question, how do u Make sure u got the white in almost like a line between the eyelid and eyeball?


Chris, I was wandering if you have succeeded replicating making drivers for the texture morphing in blender, like the wrinkles, etc.,

@rybergs I think you mean this…

… and as predicted it’s not Shrinkwrapped any more because it was drifting too much and intersecting the eyelids and eyeball, which wouldn’t be so much of a concern except that the intersections appear as black artifacts (even though the tear object uses a transparent material).

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying various methods to get it as close to the eyeball/lids as possible without intersecting, and not so far away that there is a discernible gap between them - which is no mean feat, especially now that I’ve made the caruncle more mobile than it was before.

I was able to get the meniscus to conform more snugly by duplicating a ring around the eyelids so that it has the same weights and shape keys, and kept it as part of the main object. There are still some intersections happening in the caruncle though.

The difficulty of all this was compounded by symmetry going out of whack on a regular basis, as well as what I believe to be a bug related to this, which means I can’t use undo while making modifications to the basis.

Here’s what it looks like in motion. As you can see there’s still some driftage:

I think that was more info than you wanted though. :slight_smile:

@onnevan Not as yet, but I’m about to tackle the rest of the face rig so that will probably be back on the agenda shortly.


@ChrisJones are the eyes a one mesh setup or separate meshes for cornea and the eyeball? If former, are you using some fancy Bump Offset/Parallax Mapping?

The cornea and sclera are one mesh, with a colour ramp separating their materials. There’s a separate mesh inside for the iris though.

Are you doing everything in blender or do you use some other software for sculpting?

The sculpting for this project was originally done in Sculptris, but I intend to use Blender for any further sculpting.

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Chris, may I ask what resources you’ve been using to learn Blender so quickly? Any particular tutorials or resources you’ve found useful?

Especially with regard to rigging and shading.

I realise your proficiency with the software has a lot to do with decades of 3D experience, anatomy knowledge and a willingness to experiment, but you’re clearly learning your way around Blender as well.

Also, I would happily pay for a set of .blend files if you ever chose to sell them. I can understand not wanting to do in-depth tutorials, but if you do sell the blend files it would be worth including some basic videos that act as a guided tour of your rigs and shaders. I’d be willing to pay more for a curated learning experience than just a simple file dump.

Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge! Expertise like yours is a rare thing.

Pretty good development here Keep it up :+1: