Human Progress

@julperado After a quick test I wasn’t able to reproduce the spikes, so I’m not sure exactly what’s causing them now… but I’ll try your suggestion if it happens again.

@Salve I abandoned the wrinkles for the time being since the addon wasn’t supporting shape keys, but assuming that’s no longer the case then it might be time to revisit (after I’ve dealt with some more pressing matters).

If I recall correctly Stress only works with the now defunct Blender Internal renderer. Hopefully one day that feature will be restored in Cycles.

Aside from node screenshots strewn throughout the thread, there are files for a spine rig and a non-linear shape keys rig (also some tension map test files in this thread in case you missed it).

Thanks for the tips!

The spikes are usually caused by demutiresing then sculpting and going back to a higher res it happens when I’m sculpting at high resolution then go back to a lower resolution to sculpt and go back to a higher resolution. :thinking:

My idea was to use the attribute node with dirty vertex colors for painting the scars and wrinkles onto the character/s as a normal or bump for each different creaction.

It works its funny I can use it to make a fake sculpt to, it can reduce the verts of a high res model if needed

hey can you show the full mr head? i haven’t seen him in a long time.

could you still show the nodes? you showed the nodes for the pupils! :upside_down_face:

@Midnightcpu Ah ok, now that you mention it I think that was the situation where replacing the geo was suggested. I don’t quite follow your wrinkle solution, but it sounds intriguing…

That was just for a laugh. :wink: Nevertheless…

All the head shapes are sharing the same rig now, and it appears that male/female shapes are indeed compatible with all the races, which will save on a lot of extra shape keys.

For various reasons I decided to revert to my original plan of making the base mesh gender and race neutral, which meant figuring out a workflow for averaging all the shape keys into the base mesh without upsetting everything else. Consequently as more shapes are added the base should become increasingly “average”. Also note that the male shape key works as the inverse of the female one (and vice versa).

Just about had a schizoid embolism trying to nut out the formula for all this…


Wow, this looks amazing, a great solution for the gender/races too! :clap:

The timing on that scream sound :joy: The rig looks extremely easy to use. When complete will it be possible to export a character and its animations to a game engine, or will the rig not transfer correctly?

really cool

Looking really impressive. What’s the end goal of this project. Is it to produce a tool like Makehuman/MB-Lab/Fuse?


Dark margic or CGI, it’s hard to tell the difference… Amazing.

There’s always blood sacrifices involved in dark magic.

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No idea if it’s of any use, but there’s a Shapekey Driver Constraint Addon on Github.

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I’m not too familiar with game requirements these days, but I doubt it would transfer properly in its current form. I might see whether it’s practical to make it game-ready sometime in the future.

The original goal was to use it as a starting point for my own projects, but it’s evolving into something along those lines.

Thanks for pointing it out, could be useful if doing it manually starts getting on my nerves. Any idea if the addon can be ejected after it’s set up the drivers? I’m trying to avoid relying on addons where possible.

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I really have no idea, Chris. Perhaps pose the question in the tech support section?

All it does is makes setting up drivers intuitive instead of tedious like it is now. Very useful, and yes, you can remove the addon and what you’ve setup using it should all work perfectly fine.


Thanks for confirming, I’ll have to try and remember to check this out when I get back to adding more drivers.

Hey Chris, your work is amazing!.

Can you help me please with some questions if you have some time…

-Can you tell me please if are you using shape keys for the facial rig or are all bones?

-If you are using shape keys how did you manage to make a correct combination of shape keys?.., i mean an smile shape with an open mouth shape together for example?.., do you make corrective shapes for the combinations like you can in maya with the build in tools or with BCS plugin…

-How do you manage to make the shape keys to move in an arc way and not in a linear way?

-I also love your music, can you tell me please what apps do you use to compose and make your music?


this might show you the answer: Human Progress